SO ….. WE ARE BACK HERE …… http://mumsmonkey.blogspot.co.uk/ – HOME SWEET HOME!!!!


A Most Wonderful Day Out ……..

Hugh had arranged for his “Man That Does” to drop us off at The Three Counties Showground yesterday for the day, because there was a mahoooooosive flea market on, and knowing how much we love to have a jolly good mooch and rootle around  at such events and enjoy a bit of Bargain Hunt during our mid-morning televisual viewing, he thought would make a very pleasurable interlude for us ……“After all…” he said, “Zere is zee limit to ‘ow long zee chickens can entertain and amuse you no?”

IMG_0773We have never seen so many stalls, miles and miles of them and we were all able to mooch to almost beyond our hearts desire, Darrell and I were particularly interested in items of a furniture type nature to give us ideas of what style we might go for when we eventually move to Evesham ……. I would say that, at the moment, we definitely veer towards a late Victorian, early Edwardian with a touch of industrial chic in our tastes

IMG_0776Whereas Nigel was drawn to items of a novelty nature …….

IMG_0775…… and there was a little sulking and quivering of the bottom lip when I had to tell him that though a Sindy caravan was indeed just perfect for him, the “antique” prices were a touch prohibitive and so not quite as perfect, unless he wanted to take out a mortgage!

IMG_0779However …… just as I thought we might have tears, our attention was diverted by the presence of a filming camera crew …….

IMG_0780Well, it would have been rude not to go over and introduce ourselves wouldn’t it ……

IMG_0781……… and ask what they were filming ……..

IMG_0782OMG, they were ONLY filming Bargain Hunt ………

IMG_0783And the presenter Tim Wannoctt was mooching just like us …….….. and we were desperate to know what “bargain” he had secreted away in his carrier bag …… Nigel hoping against hope it wasn’t a Sindy caravan!

IMG_0784Whether Hugh had an inkling that filming was scheduled for that day, we don’t know ….. but it really was the icing with a cherry on the top for me and Darrell, who is now musing as to whether he too might suit a panama hat and pink dickie bow.  It wasn’t quite the icing on top for Nigel …… his thoughts were still firmly on the caravan!!!!

Air Freshener Envy?

It might all get a bit boring for our readers, but with every day that passes Le Chateau De Chic-Kin Coup continues to throw up more and more delights……. for example, we were growingly concerned by the noticeable increased frequency in Nigel’s visits to the bathroom ……. fearing that he may have picked up a country born infection of a personal type nature, but didn’t like to say ……..

IMG_0863……… however, it finally twigged that he had developed a strange fascination for Hugh’s motion sensitive air freshener …… every time Nigel entered the room it would immediately emit whiff of fragrance …….. even though Nigel didn’t always emit any fragrant whiffs of his own variety.  He had tried all manner of ways in which to entrance the said bathroom, and without fail a robust waft would follow, Nigel just can’t catch it out!

IMG_0864Needless to say, Castle Greysquirrel has now been found lacking in the air freshener department, something that Nigel is now determined to rectify upon our return!  Heaven help us …….. Hugh and his London ways has much to answer for!!!!

We Are Too Robustly Envious

Each day we are finding that Hugh’s house just keeps on giving up new pleasures for us to embrace ……… and be a little jealous of !

IMG_0584Can you believe he has his very own letter box outside the main gate?

IMG_0585We are sooooooo impressed, it’s something we have always aspired to! Hugh says it comes in very handy when he has answered his latest sack of  fan mail    ….. as all his “man that does” has to do is pop outside to post them!!!!!!!  What is he like?

Chateau De Chic-Kin Coup ……..

Now. you may have wondered why Hugh’s country pile is so named Chateau De Chic-Kin Coup ……

IMG_0489Well …………………….

Mrs BuffHugh has a thing about chickens…………

IMG_0521He says that they help keep his feet on the ground and their peaceful clucking helps relax him, far more than any massage from his personal masseuse Federico, even at £150 a go and with scented oils!!!

IMG_0859They are he says “Zee pet zat juste keeps on zee giving, no?” ……

Hugh's Eggs…… in the form of a most bountious supply of eggs, which Hugh insists that “his man that does” personally takes down to Notting Hill  once a week, so that Hugh can always have one or two coddled with his carefully sliced soldiers for breakfast every morning, without fail, as he reads The Stage from cover to cover.

IMG_0495We have to agree that after a few days, we are all now totally in love with Hugh’s little herd…..

IMG_0494….. especially the tiny weeny weeny baby ones that Hugh said seemed to hatch as if to herald our glorious arrival …..

IMG_0498……… and of which Nigel insists on checking almost every five minutes, but very, very quietly, so as not to upset the broody hen.

IMG_0507Chickens must be the most romantic pets ever, and Nigel is now desperate to have some of our own Chez Castle Greysquirrel, eagerly suggesting that they could live in our empty shed at the bottom of the garden, if we do it up!

Hugh's 3It seems that Nigel now appreciates that chickens are not just for roasting for Sunday dinner or nuggets, in fact he has gone right off the thought of chicken when it comes to their comestible nature!

It’s a new dawn, It’s a new day, It’s a new life, for us …… and we’re feeling good!

You’ve found us!!!!!

ThinksWe had to move because poor Darrell was on the verge of a nervous breakdown,  Google decided to change their settings so that we could no longer post to our “old blog” using windows live writer on Blogger and as Darrell never really got on with Blogger’s own posting feature in the end, after a little debate, but none heated,  it was a case of move to WordPress or  potentially give up blogging! 

Thinks..We have chosen not delete our old blog or bring our old posts over but leave it where it is for posterity. We’d had a few disasters there which included losing all the pictures that went with our Last Vegas and Icelandic Saga adventures …… 

Blog FollowersSo perhaps this was indeed a fortuitous “disaster” that came just at the right time as we embark on a new life and a new adventures at Castle Greysquirrel in Wolverhampton and Snake Mountain in Evesham!